Our HR solutions and outsourced services facilitate the strategic integration of HR processes and programs into daily operations and boost organizational performance thus improving efficiency and productivity.

  1. HR Consultancy

Talent Acquisition and Management

Our talent solutions which are designed to create high-performance and sustainable organisation include comprehensive and integrated human resource processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive and engaged employees.  This service embodies the following:

  • Strategic Recruitment Support
  • Candidate Selection Assessment
  • Interviews and Interview Guide
  • Background Checks
  • Employee On-boarding
  • Job Analysis and Job Description
  • Training design, development, delivery and evaluation
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Performance Planning and Measurement

We formulate a Performance Management Policy that emphasizes the importance of aligning the company’s goals and objectives with the employees’ agreed measures, skills, competency requirements, development plans and the delivery of results

Job Evaluation

Through a job evaluation exercise we systematically analyse and assess the relative worth of jobs within an organization thus creating a consistent and equitable pay and grading structure for a harmonious and healthy working environment to boost staff attraction and retention


We provide advisory service on compensation in order to ensure staff are motivated and rewarded in line with organizational strategic plans.  Our partnership with clients is based on our commitment to providing independent, fact-based advice related to compensation benchmarking and pay for performance benchmarking

Employment Compliance

We assist our clients to develop human resource policies and procedures and we conduct human resource audit to ensure our clients human resource activities are in compliance with the Labour Law and company regulations.

Human Resource Restructuring

We assist our clients to restructure their HR Departments in line with business and functional strategy and in line with HR related practices, structures and processes.

  1. Outsourced Services

Provision of Casual Staff

We supply Casual Staff who are experienced in providing general support upon request.  Some of the services include but not limited to machine operation, packing, loading, off loading, manning conveyor belts etc.

Driver Outsourcing

We screen, recruit, and train drivers for permanent or short term service. To ensure quality control, we conduct quarterly refresher courses and annual performance appraisals for all our drivers.

Outsourced Recruitment and Selection

Our services include the sourcing for talent of all levels both in the core business and in support service like secretarial and administrative staff and bulk teller services.

Facility Maintenance Service

We provide unique maintenance solution – electrical, mechanical, plumbing, carpentry, etc – tailored to clients’ needs, whilst continuously improving service and quality.  Our service eliminates multiple service providers from different companies addressing maintenance concerns.  We seek the kind of collaborative relationship with your company that will result in a new level of quality and distinction in facility maintenance management.  Our facility maintenance service is not only cost-effective but efficient.

Market Research

We help organisations to develop a robust marketing strategy through the use of effective methodologies and techniques to assess market opportunities and problems for corporate decision making.  Our market research reports help build the foundation of good business decisions.

Employee Surveys

To improve performance and gain a competitive edge, organisations must recognise key improvement opportunities through the use of employee surveys. Our surveys give a measure of employee attitudes across a range of cultural and performance areas and they normally cover employee attitude, employee engagement, job satisfaction, supervisor skills, empowerment and quality management. Through these surveys critical performance issues are highlighted and organisations are able to use the survey feedback to achieve desired cultural behaviours and improve strategies.

Janitorial Services

Naroc HR Janitorial services provide clients with a full range of services based on their individual needs. Some of these specialized services include:

●      Blind cleaning

●      Carpet care

●      Computer or machine room cleaning

●      Construction clean up

●      Document disposal

●      Upholstery Cleaning

●      Hard surface floor care

●      Window cleaning

●      Pressure washing

●      Restroom sanitation

●      Special event services



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